Nancy Burroughs

Staff Solicitor

Nancy Burroughs grew up in a small farming community in Australia but has now been living in the Waikato Region for over 30 years. She gained her Law Degree at the University of Waikato where she also completed a Masters Degree in Social Sciences majoring in sociology and psychology.
Nancy has been a member of the team at Brent Kelly Law Limited since April 2013 and was admitted to the bar in June 2014. Her major areas of interest are estates, succession planning and property transactions. Prior to her involvement in the law, Nancy worked with the New Zealand Society for Intellectually Handicapped (IHC) and later as a lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Waikato.
As the mother of three children who are now entering adulthood, Nancy now hopes to spend more of her time outside work hours exploring New Zealand with her husband Kerry.