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A Family Affair

John Forlong lived a long and happy life, spending the last 35 years at his rural property in Pokuru. When he passed away, the Forlong / Te Brake family sought the help of Priya Takhar at Brent Kelly Law, and the partnership has led to Priya helping various family members with their legal matters over the past 18 months.

Janice Te Brake remembers when her dear Dad John purchased his rural property at Pokuru.

“He built the house and lived on the property for 35 years. I remember it clearly because I was just married (to husband Marcel) and about to have my first child,” says Janice.

“Mum died 20 years ago, so as Dad got older, he sold off some of the property and kept a bit to plant olive trees.”

As John’s health deteriorated in recent years, the olive trees went back to paddock grazing and the time came for the family to explore options for more hands-on care for John.

“Dad had some health issues as he got older, and lost his license along the way,” says Janice.

“He was very set in his ways at 86, but thankfully he was only in palliative care for a very short time before passing, which was a blessing really.”

That was in January 2020, just before the first Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand.

Already a rural law client of Brent Kelly Law through their previous dairy farm sale, Janice sought the help of Priya Takhar along with her brothers Maurice and Keith.

The family worked on getting the property ready for sale, while Priya handled the legal side of settling the Estate.

“Priya pretty much did it all when it came to Dad’s Estate, from closing his accounts and shares to handling his property sale from a legal perspective,” says Janice.

“She communicated throughout the process while we waited for probate to come through, and she just made it very easy for us.”   

“Priya is really easy to talk to and funny, while still being professional. She’s just a normal person, which you don’t always expect from a Lawyer.”

The entire family ended up working with Priya, from updating their wills to assisting with another property purchase.

“Priya suggested we update our wills at the time, as our own circumstances had changed,” says Janice.

“She gave us a list of things to think about and walked us through all the things that were changing so that we understood everything.”  

“My nephew and his wife also sold a house recently and sought the help of Priya, so it’s been a real family affair overall.” 

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