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Subdivision Successes with Brent Kelly Law

Having raised their family, owned a plumbing business and a dairy farm in the Waikato, semi-retired local couple Murray and Annette Davidson are now becoming keen property developers. Working with Brent Kelly Law Partner Mark Davies and more recently Senior Legal Executive Pam Roberts, on a range of legal matters, the couple say they couldn’t be happier with the service they’ve received.

Te Awamutu born-and-bred, Murray Davidson is probably best-known locally for his plumbing skills, having owned Singleton and Hansen Plumbing for more than 40 years.

Married since 1979, he and wife Annette have raised 3 sons in Te Awamutu, all of whom still live locally and work in the trades.

Eldest son Adam owns building company Davidson Homes, while second son Gerard owns roofing company Davidson Roofing, where youngest son Kirk also works.

Building and trades are in all of their blood, and their latest subdivision venture in Kihikihi is no exception.

“We bought this property in Kihikihi almost 3 years ago, with the plan to subdivide it,” says Murray.

“We could see an opportunity to develop the land and work with our kids to build some new homes here.”

With potential to renovate an existing house, plus subdivide an additional 3 lots and build new homes on them, it was an opportunity the couple were keen to pursue as part of their retirement plan.

But going into their first subdivision without any previous developer experience, the couple knew they’d need a good team behind them.

That’s when they enlisted the help of Brent Kelly Law Partner Mark Davies, to provide expert legal advice.

“Mark had already assisted us with our dairy farm sale a few years back, and he did a great job,” says Murray.

“So, we got in touch with him again to work through the initial property purchase and subdivision paperwork for this project.”

Mark brought in Senior Legal Executive Pam Roberts to work on the subdivision aspects, and Murray describes the two as a great team.

“Mark has always been wonderful to work with, he’s efficient, accommodating, proactive and thorough,” says Murray.

“I tend to do things and then let Mark know, rather than the other way around. I’m lucky he’s always able to fit us in and he gets the job done.”    

“Plus, Pam is a pro, she is so knowledgeable about subdividing and is lovely to work with,” adds Annette.

Both Murray and Annette say they’ve learned a lot about subdividing and have since bought a second property down the road that they’re subdividing at the same time.

“The main thing we’ve learned is that it can take quite a lot of time for things to happen, like consents and surveying,” says Murray.

“You just have to let everyone do their jobs and trust that it will get there. Knowing we’ve got an experienced legal team supporting us, that we also enjoy working with, makes things easier.” 

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