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Problem Solving Pam

Senior Legal Executive Pam Fitzgibbon loves a good puzzle. It’s why she gets such a kick out of solving problems for her clients, whether it’s for their properties, subdivisions, estates or whatever else they may need. 

Originally from Nelson, Brent Kelly Law Senior Legal Executive Pam Fitzgibbon says she found her career unexpectedly. 

“When I left school, I worked in a law firm for a couple of years before moving on to other things,” she says. 

“Then after I had my daughter, I met a solicitor that was looking for some help. He gave me an opportunity to join his new firm, so that’s how I got started.” 

Pam says she enjoyed the challenge of her work, took on more responsibility and increased her hours, working her way up to more senior positions. 

A few years on and at a new firm, she got the opportunity to get qualified at the cost of her employer. 

“I was working at another firm and they offered to pay for my Legal Executive training, so I got my Diploma,” she says. 

According to Pam, the best thing about her job is the problem solving and the relationships she gets to build with her clients. 

“I really like the problem solving aspect of it, even though some of them can be stressful at times! I enjoy the challenge of sorting a problem, and dealing with the clients when I find solutions for them,” she says. 

Building relationships is a key part of the job too. 

“Sometimes I’ve seen people when they’ve maybe been at a low period of their life, if they’re seeing me for something like estate law,” she says. 

“Then I might see them again a couple of years later and they’ve moved on from that event and are in a much more positive space, whether it’s purchasing a property or starting a business for instance.” 

Pam says being an all-rounder means she practices various areas of law, including conveyancing, easements, subdivisions and estate law. She says she looks forward to the variety of challenges that working with different clients brings. 

Mark Davies, Director at Brent Kelly Law says Pam is a real asset. 

“Pam is very experienced and competent in the property law space,” he says.  

“She is particularly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to subdivisions, whether they’re big, small or anything in between!”

A keen interest in property sees Pam involved in property in her free time as well. Having worked on various renovation projects over the years, the latest project recently completed involved renovating a historic workers cottage into a family home. 

Doubling the footprint from 100sqm to 200sqm with an extension to build a new living area saw Pam living without a kitchen for over a year. 

“It was never meant to be a year!” she says. 

“I made do with a mock kitchen in the old lounge, but it was definitely a relief when the new kitchen went in,” she says. 

Ready to enjoy the kitchen and have a bit more time to relax, Pam says she’s toning down on the renovation projects and going to upcycle some furniture next.

“I’ve got some furniture to paint – that should keep me busy for a while,” she laughs.   

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