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Property Purchase a Breeze with Priya

When local couple Lisa and Freddie Fisher needed a lawyer for their new home purchase, Brent Kelly Law Senior Solicitor Priya Takhar made it a breeze. 

Husband and wife team Lisa and Freddie run Treelands, their family owned tree and garden management business, based in the Te Awamutu area. 

Parents to two small children aged almost four and 18 months, in 2019 the couple were ready to look for their next family home. 

Searching for a rural property with lots of space for the kids to run around, Freddie and Lisa found a property they liked in Ngahinapouri. 

After making an offer, they contacted Priya Takhar, Senior Solicitor at Brent Kelly Law, to review the sale and purchase agreement. 

“Priya identified some pretty big red flags in the conditions in the agreement,” says Lisa. 

“The period to confirm conditions and then settle was very short. This meant getting a LIM report and finance at short notice was going to be basically unachievable.” 

Pulling out of the sale, they kept searching and found another property they liked on Burns Road, located between Pirongia and Te Awamutu. 

“Priya reviewed the sale and purchase agreement for that property as well, and she was really happy with it this time,” says Lisa. 

At the same time, Priya was assisting with the sale of their existing home on Te Rahu Road. 

“The sale and purchase were both challenging, as they both had building issues. You also have to ensure that the sale and purchase dates all match, so you don’t end up with clients who have sold before they are buying!” says Priya. 

“Co-ordinating a sale and purchase can be tricky without additional issues (such as the negotiations regarding the building issues in these 2 contracts).” 

“There’s a need to balance what discount you may be offering against what deduction you are receiving – making sure it’s the best you can do for your client, whilst not losing them their sale and or their purchase.”  

Lisa says Priya’s help was invaluable. 

“Priya made it all go very smoothly and our offer went unconditional,” adds Lisa. 

During the settlement period, Lisa got in touch with Priya again about an insurance issue that came up right before moving day, because the new home was built before 1923. 

“Right before we were meant to move, our insurance company basically told us they weren’t going to insure us, says Lisa. 

“They had an issue because they didn’t ask the right questions about renovations that had been done to the new house.”  

Priya put Lisa and Freddie at ease, saying there are a number of insurers who would definitely cover their new property, and that she could help ring around if needed. 

“Priya reassured us and made us feel a lot more confident that we were going to be moving the next day.” 

It all worked out in the end and the couple moved as planned. 

“We’re now living in the house and are very happy. We’ll be here a long time I’d say.” 

Priya has also assisted with reviewing and advising on a contract for Treelands, who are doing work for the Hamilton City Council in relation to the protection of bat wildlife. 

“It’s interesting to see how Council draft their documents. The job that Treelands is doing isn’t something we see every day and not even something the average public is aware of,” says Priya. 

“So that in itself has been interesting, to be able to advise on something quite rare.” 

Lisa says it’s been great working with Priya throughout the process. 

“She’s lovely – she’s really laid back and has a great attitude. We have a good laugh as well as getting the job done,” says Lisa. 

“She makes us feel very at ease and she’s fun to deal with at the same time.”

​Need help with your next property transaction?

If you need help with your next property transaction, get in touch with Priya and the team: 


Phone: 07 871 7878 

Priya has provided the following services: 

  • Successful sale of a residential property
  • Review of sale and purchase agreement for a conditional offer for a rural property in Ngahinopouri (not purchased after issues were identified) 
  • Successful purchase of rural property on Burns Road
  • Reviewing and advising on a commercial contract for works for Treelands